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Facts & Questions

I have been stopped by a police officer. Can I ask for an attorney?

Absolutely!  You may not technically be entitled to an attorney until you are under formal arrest, but you should ask for one.  It may provide a basis to suppress evidence in your case if an attorney is not promptly provided, and you will have the opportunity to speak to an attorney who can tell you the right thing to do in your situation.  

I was stopped for a DUI and refused to take the Breath Test. What will happen now?

As a general rule, the penalties for refusing a lawful request for a breath test mean an increase in jail time, license suspension, and fines.   Every case is different so you will want to talk to an attorney before you make the decision on whether to take the breath test.  Sometimes not providing the police with additional information will be in your best interest.  Sometimes taking the breath test is in your best interest.

I was stopped for DUI. Will my license be suspended?

Yes; it can be suspended anywhere from 90 days to 4 years, depending on the offense.  You must request an Administrative DOL Hearing within 7 days of the incident date to contest this suspension.  Please keep in mind that the administrative hearing is separate from any hearing that occurs in criminal court.  Even if you win the administrative DOL hearing, and are subsequently convicted of DUI in the criminal court–your license will still be suspended.  Contact our office to discuss your administrative hearing and restricted drivers licenses

My license is suspended in another state. How do I get my license back in Washington?

If your license is suspended in one state, it is suspended in all states because of the Full Faith and Credit clause of our constitution.  You will need to call the state that suspended your license and take whatever steps are necessary to reinstate in that state before you will be eligible to reinstate in Washington.

I am charged with a felony. How much time will I be facing?

The jail or prison time you could be facing is based on the class of felony A, B or C, or unranked.  The Sentencing Reform Act sets out a range of months/years for each crime.

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3326 160th Avenue SE Ste. 215 Bellevue, Washington 98008



Representation for criminal charges is based on a flat rate fee.  We understand that criminal charges aren't usually planned.  Our office can work with you by accepting payment plans.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, American express, Money Orders and Cash.