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La abogada Chloe Alyn ha pasado los últimos 18 años desarrollando relaciones con jueces, fiscales, oficiales de libertad condicional, administradores de casos, personal de la corte, guardias de la cárcel, fianzas e intérpretes.  Pasó 11 de esos años en las trincheras como defensora pública, aprendiendo leyes y perfeccionando sus habilidades legales como una defensora dura y compasiva de sus muchos clientes.
 La Fiscalía tiene recursos casi ilimitados que trabajan en concierto orquestado para condenarlo: oficiales capacitados, técnicos de laboratorio, investigadores de la escena del crimen, trabajadores sociales y defensores de las víctimas.  Todos estos testigos están altamente capacitados para recopilar pruebas en su contra y para testificar eficazmente en su contra.
 Al enfrentar un cargo criminal, DEBE nivelar el campo de juego con una abogada con bastante experiencia.  Llame a nuestra oficina hoy para ver cómo podemos ayudarlo.

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“As a service member, it is vital to keep a good reputation within society. We all know there are situations in our lives where we just get caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time. There was a situation I was in where prior to a deployment I was in an accident and some witness (from her point of view said I was riding recklessly) when in fact I was just learning how to ride a motorcycle. Something happened where there was a mechanical error which made the motorcycle flip over.

Chloe was able to not only get evidence thrown out of the case, but she also discovered questionable information from the prosecution that the witness had their own agenda about the case. The outcome of the misdemeanor charge: dismissed, and I realized sometimes in life we all need that type of person who acts as a guardian angel, as I believe why I do what I do for our country.”

-Francis A.


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Representation for criminal charges is based on a flat rate fee.  We understand that criminal charges aren't usually planned.  Our office can work with you by accepting payment plans.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, American express, Money Orders and Cash.