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How to Handle Domestic Violence Charges in Washington State

Domestic Violence charges can either be filed as a misdemeanor or as a felony. Charges are designated as Domestic Violence when they involve a person that has a familial relation or a prior intimate relation relative to the defendant. Generally, misdemeanor charges are Assault 4, or Violation of a No Contact Order (VNCO); both of these charges are gross misdemeanors, …(Read More).


Washington’s Criminal Court Process

The initial arrest begins the criminal court process. Within 48 hours of arrest, a Defendant is entitled to a Bond Hearing to determine probable cause to hold a person with conditions and bond. If the case is not charged at the time of Bond Hearing, the Prosecutor must file charges or release the Defendant within 72 hours of arrest.

Arraignment is the official presentment of charges. At Arraignment, a criminal defendant has the option to enter a plea of guilt or innocence. If a guilty plea is entered, the case will proceed to Sentencing and potentially Probation. A not guilty plea will move…(Read More).

What are my options when charged with a DUI?

When you are charged with DUI there are only a few limited options for your case: 1) Dismissal, 2) Plea Guilty—to some charge, 3) Jury Trial or 4) Deferred Prosecution.


Your case can potentially be dismissed at any time during the criminal court proceedings. Sometimes a dismissal can be negotiated by your attorney, and sometimes there is a problem with the Prosecutor’s evidence…(Read More).

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