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Traffic Infractions & Insurance Increase with Driving Points

Will my infraction affect my insurance?

If you’ve received an infraction, you have a mere 20 days (7 days for DUI) to respond and request a hearing before the court.  If you’ve been mailed your infraction, rather than a hand delivery from an officer, you have 18 days to respond and request a hearing before the court.

​Infractions affect your insurance costs.  Hiring an attorney to fight your infraction could reduce your insurance costs for years.  Your attorney will request a hearing and either negotiate your case or conduct an evidentiary hearing where the state/city/municipality will have to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that you committed an infraction.

​If you are eligible, you can request a deferral from the court once every 7 years. It can be your one get out of jail free card for a traffic ticket. Most drivers are eligible for 1 moving violation deferral and 1 non-moving violation deferral every 7 years. If you are granted a deferral by the court, your original traffic infraction will be dismissed following the completion of a 6 to 12 month driving period with no additional traffic violations.

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